Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Hi Everyone!

From: Casting Director

Re: Casting for the host of a Sanyo infomercial

Hi Everyone!

Season three of the contest series is about to begin with a bang! After seeing all of your talented submissions in the Sanyo Xacti ’15 Seconds of Fame’ contest, Sanyo has decided to give one of you a shot at stardom (and cash) in a “Sanyo Sell-a-Bration!

These days, infomercial stars like Vince the Shamwow guy, and the late Billy Mays have become household names through their catchy and outrageous sales campaigns. Though they can be a little grating, their faces are known all over the world! Sanyo wants to see what YOU have to offer, as they begin their search for their own Sanyo Xacti infomercial pitchman.

Over the next week you’ll begin to see some very funny mock-infomercials from some of YouTube’s biggest stars, including LisaNova, Shay Carl, KassemG, and Dave Days, featuring the Sanyo Xacti. Watch their videos on YouTube for inspiration. Also keep your eye out for the downloadable and collaborative elements page, which will give you some funny video clips for your own infomercial. You’ll need to use at least two of them to make your video a success! Also make sure to memorize the phrase the pays. See contest rules for details.

Once you’ve created your perfect Sanyo pitch, upload your video to the site, and we'll assign you a unique link that you can use to send to friends and family. From there they can vote for your entry or buy actually buy the camera from a store we've set up for you. You'll earn a percentage of every camera sold through your link! The contest starts soon. But you can check it out now and watch the instruction video by clicking below.

Cheers, Contest Producer

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