Friday, July 17, 2009

Brother 3 - Extras needed - Saturday July 18

This is a non-paying gig! Sending this out for Omar, fellow actor! Please contact director if you are interested in taking part!

Brothers 3 shooting in downtown Manhattan!

The details are as follows:

The director is going to need 2 set of 1: 5 or 7 people with a call time of 2: 10-15 people with a call time of 12:30. Everyone would be reporting to the bar Fino...1 Wall street and Pearl street in downtown Manhattan... near the South street seaport...

Wardrobe is as follows: dress for a winter red and no white. Darker colors are good!! If they have any questions regarding these details about the shoot, they can contact the Director on his cell phone...his name is Sean Smith: 917-400-0467 This is non paying job but great exposure!!

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